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The management of Merkez Ahlu-Sounnah wa-Aljamā’ah in Mauritania is pleased to announce that it is now possible to study university courses online for those who wish. This was put in place by becoming aware of the different situations of a part of the Muslim community due to their occupations (functions, businesses, work, or the inability to be able to travel), while being aware of their situations and wanting bring them our help, the Merkez has therefore set up this facility for students.

🔴The specialties available in this course

1- Allow all Muslims the opportunity to learn Islamic knowledge according to a shrewd methodology.

2- Suitable for everyone (busy people, those who are free, business professionals, employees, students and others who wish to learn religious sciences).

3- Ability to register from anywhere around the world.

4- Simplicity of registration and acceptance procedures.

5- The courses, tests and exams will take place via the internet (for those studying from a distance)

6- The teachers are specialists and the Shaikhs are known. They are graduates of the Islamic University of Medina and other universities.

7- The diplomas are official and approved.

⭕The following are conditions for those who want to register for the university course:

✔ Have obtained a High school diploma or its equivalent.

✔ Successful oral interview.

✔ Agree to be examined by one of the supervisors.

✔Have 2 recommendations from well known scholars or students of knowledge. (recommended)

✔ Be with the senior scholars.

✔ * Pay for the courses: * – Pay a full year (400 EUR/446.38 USD/341.07 GBP) – pay by level (200 EUR/223.19 USD/170.54 GBP) – or make monthly payments (50 EUR/55.80 USD/42.63 GBP)

✔ Not having been expelled from a university for bad behavior or for belief contradicting to the correct belief.

📗 * The documents required for registration are: *

1- Passport photo.

2- Photo of the national identity card (front / back).

3- High school diploma (or its equivalent)

4- A certificate of good conduct and good behavior.

5- Baccalaureate transcript (or its equivalent).

6- personal photo.

7- Have at least 2 recommendations issued by scholars, known Shaikhs, or recognized students.

⚠ * Important notes and remarks: *

1- The documents must be in color and readable in PDF format.

2- * It is not compulsory to provide a high school diploma (or its equivalent) for those who have successfully completed the Riyād book program or the Medina program. This also applies to those who have completed the programs of the Islamic University of Medina or Riyād and provide a certificate.

  • 3- It is appropriate for the student with a low level in Arabic language to start with the program of the Books of Riyād (at a distance).

4- You must pay a full year (400 EUR/446.38 USD/341.07 GBP) – pay by level (200 EUR/223.19 USD/170.54 GBP) – or make monthly payments (50 EUR/55.80 USD/42.63 GBP)

5- The diploma is only granted after having finished the program and passing all exams.

6- * It is possible to register via this link: *
https://form.jotform.com/193591567553066 or via the Merkez website or by contacting one of the managers.

⚠ Note: Payment is via Paypal * * at mauritanie.merkez@gmail.com

Some words of scholars concerning the Merkez:

Sheikh Abdullah Al Bukhaari حفظه الله: https://youtu.be/d-6as1vBbzQ

Sheikh Abdelhakim Dahhas حفظه الله: https://youtu.be/FxnG0kn7BLc

Sheikh Ahmed Bādukhān حفظه الله: https://youtu.be/37HZsCu0qLE

Sheikh Abdul-ilaah Al-Juhani حفظه الله: https://youtu.be/_4M3zb4hfjY

You can find other reminders and lessons from the Shaikhs (Sheikh ‘Abdelghani’ Aouissāt, Sheikh Abdullah bin Salfīq Ad-Dhafīrī, Sheikh Arafat bin Hassan Al-Muhammadi, Sheikh Al-Bandar Kheybarī, Sheikh Yahya An-Nahaari, Sheikh Ali Al-Huthaifi Sheikh Yahya Ash-Shinqeeti, Dr. Muhammad Joub حفظهم الله..) on the Merkez’s telegram page:

or on the Merkez website:

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